Achieve Compliance through Data Validation and Thoroughly Established Business Process

The project management discipline has become integral to corporate success and now more than ever management needs to examine their project environment for internal controls and validity of data to mitigate risk and corporate exposure.

The Sarbanes–Oxley Act is a United States federal law which set standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms.

eTimeMachine's internal controls are ready for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

With eTimeMachine in place, companies have the tools to comply with legislated reporting and operational standards. Corporations can be confident that their decisions are being made based on accurate and validated information. eTimeMachine’s transaction based infrastructure and matrix based approval workflow validates, date stamps, stores and restricts changes to all approved data entered into its system. Changes can only be made through debits and credits, thus producing comprehensive audit trails to support project performance and cost reporting.

eTimeMachine's Configurable Business Rules (CBR) is a module within eTimeMachine Enterprise that allows users to enhance and customize the system's logic to support their business processes. eTimeMachine Enterprise easily assimilates into any business environment by adopting and facilitating a company's unique set of business processes

eTimeMachine Features which Promote Data Integrity

  • Single Point of Entry- Eliminates inconsistencies and redundant effort across multiple systems.
  • Data Validation - Prevents data entry errors.
  • Elaborate Business Rules - Ensure information consistency and helps exception handling.
  • Approval Process - As many levels as required to guarantee  information accuracy.
  • Transaction Based - Original data stays intact from its time of  creation, transactions are recorded and time stamped.
  • Exception Handling - Built-in notifications, alerts, information review and adjustment procedures.

What Kind of Business Rules Can CBR Establish

  • Different Resource Rates based on Time Types

  • Lieu Time credit calculations based on Time Type

  • žTime Entry limitations based on Resource Type
  • žTravel Expense compensation related rules
  • Business rules for time entry

  • Business rules for timesheet reviewers

  • Automatic e-mail notifications and reminders based on pre-defined exceptions

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