Maintain Data Integrity by Promoting a Single Point of Truth

Implementation of necessary internal controls and procedures to ensure validity of data in the corporate environment, are crucial for mitigation of risk and corporate exposure.

In a multi-system environment, the need to maintain and enter the same information into more than one isolated application, often leads duplicated data entry effort, errors and inconsistencies,impossibility to track the source of erroneous data, and complex recovery procedures.

eTimeMachine Solution promotes a Single Point of Entry principle, thus helping to achieve Single Point of Truth and Data Integrity.

eTimeMachine Centralized database placed in the midst of company business processes acts as a Data Validation and Verification checkpoint, and ensures, that information is consistent and reliable, and all parts of the system are in sync.

eTimeMachine Integrated Scenario

eTimeMachine is a Natural Fit for Best-in-breed Solutions. It Bridges the Gaps between Isolated Systems and Consolidates Scattered Data. 

Timesheets integrated with Project management, Document Management, Help Desk, HR, ERP, Payroll, Primavera, Microsoft

At any time, eTimeMachine presents up-to-date consolidated project and resource data from eTimeMachine Enterprise™, Microsoft® Project, Primavera®, Action Request/Service Desk applications and ERP systems (Project Accounting, HR, Payroll). 

eTimeMachine Features which Promote Data Integrity

  • Single Point of Entry- Eliminates inconsistencies and redundant effort across multiple systems.
  • Data Validation - Prevents data entry errors.
  • Elaborate Business Rules - Ensure information consistency and helps exception handling.
  • Approval Process - As many levels as required to guarantee  information accuracy.
  • Transaction Based - Original data stays intact from its time of  creation, transactions are recorded and time stamped.
  • Exception Handling - Built-in notifications, alerts, information review and adjustment procedures.
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