Decision Makers - Access Reliable Critical Cost and Effort Information

eTimeMachine’s truly powerful reporting suite safeguards companies from being forced to make decisions based on inadequate information. By collecting data directly from the source, validating information via approvals and audit trail and storing and consolidating all project management and resource data into one central repository, eTimeMachine provides live enterprise-wide reporting based on accurate and reliable data.

eTimeMachine makes use of its data repository by presenting cost and performance metrics in multiple hierarchical views across and throughout the organization and enterprise project structure. Information can be presented by project, business unit, role, individual and work group for any definable period.

 The system offers a

  • Reports Library featuring numerous reports and templates developed over the years on customers' demand
  • data mining tool eTimeMachine Pathfinder based on OLAP technology
  • Enterprise Dashboard that covers projects and resources' information including performance metrics and drill down capabilities

eTimeMachine presents consolidated project and resource data from eTimeMachine Enterprise™, Microsoft® Project, Primavera®, Action Request/Service Desk applications and ERP systems (Project Accounting, HR, Payroll). At any time, eTimeMachine possesses the most up-to-date information about projects, activities, resources and effort company-wide, and is your "go-to" source for reporting at any level of detail. eTimeMachine  Dashboard, OLAP and extensive Reports Library address even the most demanding reporting needs.

Company Executives use eTimeMachine to

  • View financial metrics associated with projects.
  • Get a global view of resource commitments for current and future projects.
  • Have drill down capabilities and configurable summary reports to determine performance against plan to evaluate the performance of business units.

Company stakeholders are empowered with the foresight needed to better manage risks. Fully configurable and with built-in security features, eTimeMachine offers the flexibility to choose and monitor those key performance indicators that best measure their company’s success.  Executives and management will benefit from a continuous flow of project actuals so that corporate objectives are monitored and maintained at each stage of project delivery. 

eTimeMachine Reporting Suite

Get the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Consolidated - company-wide single source-of-truth
  • Live - always up-to-date
  • Secure - control who sees what
  • Flexible - build your own reports and dashboards
  • Configurable - any level of detail

eTimeMachine Pathfinder Highlights

  • Web Based
  • Ideal for Executives
  • Drill down information to view key performance factors.
  • Create customized reports weekly, monthly, quarterly (flexible/on the fly)
  • Dynamic (meaning information can be changed quickly)
  • OLAP Data Mining Technology Tool (Online Analytical Processing) -  Extract information from different points of view
  • Create customized reports (bar, pie, line graphs, 3D, etc)
  • Export information to Excel very easily
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