Managers and Project Managers - Review and Approve Time and Expense Hassle-free

eTimeMachine  Timesheet Approval Tool provides responsible managers with an optimized view of timesheet information including audit trail to help them review and approve reported time and expenses. Managers can only see timesheets of  employees assigned to them.

Approval view: list of timesheets, filter by status, drill down to see details by day, check approval history.

Timesheet Approval Features

  • Easily review and approve reported progress, actual time and expense
  • Vacation requests
  • žžSick days, Banked time, Overtime
  • Attendance
  • Exception alerts (based on configurable rules)
  • Ability to drill-down on timesheet details
  • Timesheet review history ( see who rejected  / approved the timesheet )
  • Approve by team, group or crew
  • žSetup approval business rules and processes accommodating any level of complexity and logic
  • žMulti-level approvals which involve functional and project managers up to 99 levels
  • Sequential and parallel approvals
  • Missing timesheets reports and reminders
  • Reminders to managers about outstanding timesheets to review
  • Automatic exception-based approvals
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