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MDS Sciex solution addressed a number of operational problems, such as

  • a lack of integrated approach to managing planning, monitoring, and use of product development information in the areas of Resource Management, Cost/Budget management, Program and Portfolio Management
  • a lack of standardized tools for all projects in the areas of Planning, Forecasting and Schedule management, as well as Communication of issues and progress information to stakeholders.

Main Features of the Solution:

  • Data Integrity and Configuration Management
    • Integrated Schedule and Budget Management System
    • Reporting and data analysis directly from single data source within eTimeMachine
    • Active hand-off between PM and functional manager through a single tool ensures sufficient level of communication and ensures that Functional Managers are aware of all demands on their resources.
    • Actual spend details from Master Oracle system integrated with Project forecasts that are directly linked to live project schedules
  • Enterprise Planning
    • Quarterly Forecast update is supported with little or no effort as long as portfolio is maintained and up to date
    • Demand profiling by roles allows for long term resource planning to improve readiness to start future projects
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How Manufacturing Companies Benefit from Using eTimeMachine

  • žImprove monitoring, forecasting and controlling (integrated views and single point of data for project budgets etc)
  • ž Improve planning for the business portfolio
  • ž Provide more accurate, quicker and forward looking short/medium/long – term resource management planning
  • ž Implement project focused business process representing reality of operation
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