BlackBerry, one of the largest smart phone manufacturers is a global company with large number of locations, on multiple time zones, and different calendars. Its business involves multiple Project Management Systems, Large databases (many millions of records), Strong Resource Management Orientation, and employees entering data by various means ( local, Internet, mobile).

Performance and availability is crucial.
Usability is critical ( response time, simple user interface ).

By introducing eTimeMachine, BlackBerry was pursuing the following goals:

  • Improve Resource Management and Planning
  • Improve Time Management and Payroll related processes in the company ( progress reporting, time and expense, attendance information reporting)
  • Highly auditable system to meet R&D grants reporting requirements
  • Eliminate redundant processes and reduce administration costs
  • Provide accurate and essential reports to all levels of management

The solution included eTimeMachine, eTimeMachine Resource Analyzer, eTimeMachine PathFinder and Reports, eTimeMachine Mobile for BlackBerry, eTimeMachine e-Mail and Timer applications.

For more information, visit or call Toll Free: 1-866-882-4055.


How R&D and Technology Companies Benefit from Using eTimeMachine

  • žImprove existing systems and processes
  • žImprove resource management
  • žCollect progress and time/expense to accommodate the  business requirements including tax rebates
  • žImprove resource planning, efficient and appropriate time reporting, reduce administration costs and provide accurate and essential reports
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