Answer: A user activates eTimeMachine applications by clicking on eTimeMachine icon, then signs in using his/her user ID and password. His/her timesheet will then be displayed on the screen with the specific user’s associated information, including task/work that he/she is assigned to.

Answer: Project managers using project management systems such as Primavera P6 and MS Project assign resources to tasks in those systems and those assignments go directly to users’ timesheets. Also, functional managers can assign work to users directly in eTimeMachine. The work/task are displayed in users’ timesheets with planned starting and end date as well as estimated effort associated with it.

Answer: At the end of a timesheet period (e.g. Sunday to Saturday) users submit their timesheets for approval.

Answer: Timesheet Approval process is pre-defined, it can be done by any number of functional and project managers in parallel and in a hierarchy (e.g. one manager approves and then the higher up manager approves etc.)

Answer: Approved timesheets update other systems such as project management systems, payroll (overtime etc.), HR (vacations taken, sick days), accounting etc.

Answer: The system automatically creates timesheets for those users, and they only enter exceptions such as sick days and vacations.

Answer: The system creates a “missing timesheet report” to remind users.

Answer: Approving managers can delegate the approval process.

Answer: The system comes with many standard reports as well as a dashboard. It provides tools for the development of limitless reporting.

Answer: No. eTimeMachine allows you to define project structures from project to activity levels, define organization structures, define resources and users, assign resources and users to activities/tasks and more.

Answer: It integrates with accounting, payroll, Human Resources.

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