eTimeMachine™ works hand-in-glove with Microsoft® Project to extend and blend system information and capabilities. Furthermore, eTimeMachine™ offers great assistance to companies operating within a multi project management platform environment. Resource, cost and project data are consolidated across both Project Management tools to provide management with a complete enterprise - wide view of the current health of the organization and its projects.

  • eTimeMachine Enterprise funnels assigned activities from MS Project and other applications into its database; combines them with eTimeMachine’s activities and then delivers the activities to the assigned employee / workgroup / role, making them available in the eTimeMachine Workspace™ for time and progress reporting. 
  • eTimeMachine Workspace™ acts as an employee timesheet and available on the web, mobile devices and through e-mail, for work execution and time reporting. After a timesheet has been submitted, it undergoes a Review and Approval process. Timesheet information, including working hours, expenses, attendance, progress and status is first validated automatically based on established business rules, and then goes through eTimeMachine’s approval workflow.
  • eTimeMachine verifies timesheet information, and then passes it over to Microsoft Project (and other applications as required) where it updates actual cost, progress and status.
  • eTimeMachine’s transaction based back-end allows the system to collect, validate and store each employee's entry of time and progress to provide immediate time-phased earned value, cost, time and budget data by any defined period and at every level of the organization and enterprise project structure.


Integration Scenario In a Nutshell

  •  eTimeMachine collects and puts into employee’s personalized workspace activities from project management systems such as Oracle Primavera, MS Project, Help Desk systems (Remedy), Workflows, and eTimeMachine itself.
  • Employees update progress, enter time and expense, and submit timesheets for approval.
  • Once approved, eTimeMachine sends data to the respective Project Management, Help Desk, and other (ERP) systems such as Accounting, Payroll and HR.


Audiit - Audit Trail For P6 and MS Project

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  • Primavera Performance
  • Primavera upgrade and migration
  • Project Performance check
  • Critical changes monitoring
  • Audit Trail for Primavera P6

Audiit Business Solutions Corp - Project Performance Management, Audit Trail for Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6

Features of eTimeMachine Integration with MS Project

  • Create a project in MS Project and save it in eTimeMachine Database or create a project in eTimeMachine directly

  • Open existing projects from eTimeMachine database in MS Project (check-out and check-in functions are available)

  • Assign resources from eTimeMachine centralized database in MS Project by using eTimeMachine toolbar or in eTimeMachine directly
  • Update Progress and Actuals in eTimeMachine and send the updates to MS Project (track billable, non-billable, overtime hours and expenses, apply business rules and establish approval process for timesheets)
  • View and modify project information on the Internet with eTieMachine Enterprise Web
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