Time and Attendance Tracking for Resources

Time and Attendance Tracking function is at a core of any timesheet software. The way it is implemented can significantly simplify tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, making them less  monotonous and time-consuming.

Time and Attendance Tracking allows companies to monitor and control labour costs, mitigate compliance risks, and improve work efficiency and productivity.

In addition to basic time and attendance tracking, often it becomes mandatory to synchronize timesheet records with automatic swipe-card readers, as well as make sure that specific attendance related rules are met, such as Flex time and Fatigue time, and maximum / minimum hours per day.

Timesheet - Attendance time is calculated based on time-in and time-out entries, Time Away From Work entered against Vacation, Holiday, etc.

Report Time and Progress for All Projects from a Single Timesheet

eTimeMachine allows employees to report time, expense, progress, quantities, and virtually any other attribute, against all corporate activities in ONE environment. In their electronic timesheet (personalized workspace) employees report actual hours, overtime, billable, non-billable, lieu time, expenses, percent complete, remaining hours, issues against assigned activities.

Track Attendance Manually or Automatically and Integrate with Swipe-Card Systems

eTimeMachine provides tools for tracking employees’ attendance manually and automatically. Attendance and Time Away From Work time, e.g. Vacation, Holiday, Sick leave, is recorded and displayed in the timesheet, as well as on a printed report. Naturally, this time is not counted toward project effort. Only time entered against project activities is counted.

Time-in and time-out can be entered through the system directly, or can be automatically recorded based on pre-defined settings, or can be fed into eTimeMachine from a swipe card system.

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