Ability to Establish Approval Process as Required Including Multi-level and Matrix Organizations

Depending on the organization needs for timesheet approval, more than one Approval Manager may be required to participate in the Approval Process, and some non-trivial logic maybe involved in approval process steps configuration.

eTimeMachine allows to enable or disable Multi-Level Timesheet Approval Functionality and define an Approval Process virtually of any level of complexity.
Organizations can choose to follow partial approval process which means that managers have an option to approve or reject each task in a submitted timesheet separately, instead of approving the timesheet as a whole.
Functional managers and Project Managers can be placed in a certain order to determine an approval hierarchy. The order of which manager follows which in the approval hierarchy is controlled by the resource breakdown structure (RBS) in the Resource Manager module, the organization breakdown structure (OBS) in the Organization Manager Module and project properties in the Project Manager module. Each manager is assigned a level in the timesheet approval hierarchy.
Each time when a timesheet user submits his/her timesheet an approval process is established for the timesheet, which means the hierarchy of approval Managers is built.

Each manager gives his/her own judgement about time reported and passes timesheet to a next manager with comments.
The next manager has a privilege to override approved or rejected status given to tasks by a previous manager. Manager on the top level of the hierarchy has a right of final assessment. He/she decides whether the timesheets gets approved or sent back to its owner for correction.
One of the features of approval functionality is Daily Timesheet Review, which includes Review, Distribute and Lock Time functionality: Managers can review reported time for crews or selected employees on a daily basis, distribute time to crew member timesheets and approve submitted timesheets at the end of the week upon submittal.

Delegation mechanism in eTimeMachine allows temporary re-directing timesheets to a different manager for approval. A delegatee can be appointed and granted security rights to approve timesheets for a selected manager when not available within a specific time period. 

eTimeMachine also offers a mechanism of re-directing already submitted timesheets to a new manager in case of re-organization

Timesheet Approval Process Features

  • Multi-Level (up to 99 levels of approval)
  • Approval by Task by Responsible Managers
  • Approval Delegation and Direct Approver Assignment
  • Timesheet Approval Handling in Case of Reorganization and New Manager
  • Daily Timesheet Review: Review, Distribute and Lock Time Functionality
  • Automatic (by exception) Timesheet Approval

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