Integration with Project Management Systems, HR and Payroll

Many companies that operate within a multi-system environment, especially those that choose the best-in-breed approach, often experience the downside of it, which may include isolated applications, scattered data, duplicated data, inconsistencies, lack of system integrity, etc. Therefore the need arises to bring together those isolated Project Management, ERP, HR and Payroll systems in order to make them work as a whole.

eTimeMachine™ offers bidirectional integration between  project management systems (Microsoft® Project, Primavera®) and financial systems (Oracle®Applications, SAP®, JD Edwards®, Microsoft GreatPlains, etc.). eTimeMachine collects all project execution data and carries all enterprise-wide project and resource information including past and current actuals.

It enables project structures and budgets to be synchronized between project management and ERP systems without duplicate entry. Project data entered into the project management systems such as work breakdown structures, activities, estimates and/or budgets are shared with the ERP system, while data collected by the ERP system such as actual costs, quantities, purchase orders, invoices and requisition information are passed to the project management system.

HR information such as employee status, billing rates, skill sets etc., is sent to project management systems and eTimeMachine Enterprise™ so that project and functional managers are provided with the most up-to-date resource information. In exchange data collected by eTimeMachine Enterprise™ such as sick days, vacation days etc., is directly sent back to the HR system.

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