Ability to Assign Resources to Activities

Resource work assignments is a primary unit against which time and progress is accounted for; thus the way the resource is assigned to activities matters when a timesheet system is to be adopted by a company.

eTimeMachine makes use of its integration capabilities to bring work assignments from Project Management applications, such as MS Project and Primavera. It also features a Project Manager Module, where resource assignment task can be accomplished. After a task has been added to a project, managers can assign one or more employees, non-labor resources or entire resource groups to the task or a number of tasks at the same time.
eTimeMachine configuration options indicate whether resource managers need to approve resource assignments before the resource actually gets the assignment in his or her workspace. It alllows adding tasks directly in employees' timesheet (workspace), and under certain conditions allows employees to assign work to themselves via employee's workspace.

Not only can managers define resources, organize resource information in eTimeMachine centralized database, build Resource Breakdown Structure and Organization Breakdown Structure, define resource related business rules and logic, but also plan resource capacity and produce sofisticated reports for resource capacity planning.

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