Ability to Track Expenses, Lieu Time, Overtime, Sick Days

In addition to the basic time tracking function, an indispensable requirement for a Timesheet System nowadays is an ability to differentiate between different time categories, such as billable and non-billable, comp and lieu time, overtime, sick days as well as expense categories in order to further use this information in Payroll calculations and HR record keeping.

eTimeMachine allows employees and team members to report actual hours, overtime, billable, non-billable, lieu time, expenses, percent complete, remaining hours, issues, as well as other attributes (via custom user defined fields) against assigned activities. Reported time and expenses can be tracked for multiple categories, such as expense categories and lieu time categories.

eTimeMachine also features a vacation request function and attendance tracking for accounting for time away from work, and flex time and fatigue time validation.

eTimeMachine makes sure that all of the functions are supported by a strong business logic validation mechanism which reflects company specific business rules and processess.

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