eTimeMachine Report Manager provides a comprehensive library of tabular and graphical reports (close to 100 reports in total) built over the years on customers' demand. Report Manager delivers a compilation of project data collected from throughout the company: employee, project, cost, effort and timesheet reports. 

 The scope of reports can be controlled by entering parameters. The library can be extended by adding custom developed reports. Report Manager features security configuration options allowing to define access rights to information for specific users. 

Available Reports

  • Administrator Reports, including Absentee Report, Missing Timehseets,Employee Vacation/ Sick/ Overhead, etc.

  • Departmental Manager Reports

  • Early and Late Tasks Reports

  • Employee Reports

  • Issues Reports

  • Labor Reports

  • Management Reports

  • Outstanding Tasks Reports

  • Project Manager Reports

  • Labor Reports, including Billable Hours by Task

Report Manager Key Features

  • Dozens of readily available enterprise reports

  • Reporting based on consolidated information across enterprise

  • Web-based

  • Tabular and graphical format

  • Develop and add new custom reports

  • Control report scope by using parameters

  • Security and access to information control

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