In creating a superior enterprise project management environment, eTimeMachine™ licenses elaborate integration components that provide bidirectional integration between  project management systems (Microsoft® Project, Primavera®) and financial systems (Oracle®Applications, SAP®, JD Edwards®, Microsoft GreatPlains, etc.).

ERP Integration - Immediate Benefits

  • Avoid Duplication
    The integrators enable project structures and budgets to be synchronized between project management and ERP systems without duplicate entry. Project data entered into the project management systems such as work breakdown structures, activities, estimates and/or budgets are shared with the ERP system, while data collected by the ERP system such as actual costs, quantities, purchase orders, invoices and requisition information are passed to the project management system. eTimeMachine Integrators are designed to extend and blend project management into the enterprise, help companies to streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, maintain data integrity and obtain a complete enterprise-wide view of the current state of operations to achieve corporate-wide success.
  • Cost and Budget Data Validation and Auditability
    eTimeMachine Enterprise™ collects all project execution data and carries all enterprise-wide project and resource information including past and current actuals. With eTimeMachine integrators, validated and time-phased actual hours, expenses and budget information can be passed directly from eTimeMachine Enterprise™ to financial systems (e.g. accounting, payroll) as well as simultaneously passing cumulative budget and cost data back to the respective Project Management System (Microsoft Project and Primavera). Because of its transaction based infrastructure, eTimeMachine Enterprise™ can break down cost and budget information based on any defined accounting period to align project financials to Finance’s reporting structure. In addition, all of eTimeMachine’s project execution data is supported with detailed audit trails to satisfy laws that require evidence of data integrity.
  • Centralized View of HR Information
    Bidirectional integration is also offered with an ERP’s Human Resources (HR) module or a third party HR application. HR information such as employee status, billing rates, skill sets etc., is sent to project management systems and eTimeMachine Enterprise™ so that project and functional managers are provided with the most up-to-date resource information. In exchange data collected by eTimeMachine Enterprise™ such as sick days, vacation days etc., is directly sent back to the HR system.

Integration Scenario In a Nutshell

  •  eTimeMachine collects and puts into employee’s personalized workspace activities from project management systems such as Oracle Primavera, MS Project, Help Desk systems (Remedy), Workflows, and eTimeMachine itself.
  • Employees update progress, enter time and expense, and submit timesheets for approval.
  • Once approved, eTimeMachine sends data to the respective Project Management, Help Desk, and other (ERP) systems such as Accounting, Payroll and HR.


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