eTimeMachine™ solutions extend and blend project management systems (Microsoft® Project and Oracle Primavera®) with several other third party systems including SmarTeam™ and Microsoft® SharePoint to create superior project management environments.

eTimeMachine solutions bridge the gap between project and product lifecycle management (PLM). The solution applies project and financial principles to the PLM discipline by allowing project managers to more effectively schedule, budget, assign resources to and track actual hours & progress against documents and drawings.

In exchange, PLM principles are applied to project management, as users are given access to version controlled document/drawings directly from within Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, eTimeMachine and now Microsoft Outlook. eTimeMachine allows the effort to be recorded at the document/drawing level. Engineers can record time spent, expenses and progress at the document check-in stage and can do the same as well as access documents residing in SmarTeam™ or SharePoint™ from within their personalized eTimeMachine workspace and Microsoft Outlook.

Once approved, the collected data is sent to the Project Management (Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera), Financial (Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards), HR and Payroll system.

PLM Integration - Immediate Benefits

  • Document/Design tasks can be more easily scheduled, budgeted, assigned/executed and monitored for cost and progress.
  • Employees can conveniently report effort against all assigned activities in one environment.
  • By giving access to version controlled documents via the eTimeMachine Workspace, employees are provided with all the relevant information needed to complete their work.
  • Functional Managers (e.g. engineering managers) are also provided with cost, project & functional group performance and utilization indicators.
  • By integrating PLM into the enterprise, executives are provided with a complete enterprise-wide view of cost and performance across all activities for better strategic decision making.

Integration Scenario In a Nutshell

  •  eTimeMachine collects and puts into employee’s personalized workspace activities from project management systems such as Oracle Primavera, MS Project, Help Desk systems (Remedy), Workflows, and eTimeMachine itself.
  • Employees update progress, enter time and expense, and submit timesheets for approval.
  • Once approved, eTimeMachine sends data to the respective Project Management, Help Desk, and other (ERP) systems such as Accounting, Payroll and HR.


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