Time and Expense Reporting

eTimeMachine provides a tool for employees to report time, expense and progress against all corporate activities in ONE environment. It conveniently allows employees to report actual hours, overtime, billable, non-billable, lieu time, expenses, percent complete, remaining hours, issues against assigned activities. Customizable personalized employee workspace provides employees with all information needed to perform their work: activities from various projects, tickets and workflows, priorities, documents from MS SharePoint, progress and actual spent, personal information like vacations, comp (lieu) time.

Activities are funneled into the employee workspace from integrated enterprise systems, which allows them to report time, progress and expenses against all assigned tasks from Microsoft® Project, Oracle Primavera®, Workflows, and Action Request/Service Desk Systems ( BMC Remedy® and Magic®) via eTimeMachine's personalized employee workspace.

Approved data is date stamped and stored into eTimeMachine’s database and then sent to the appropriate project management (Microsoft Project, Primavera), financial (Oracle® Financials, SAP®, JD Edwards®, etc.), HR and Payroll system. eTimeMachine creates a one-write system that eliminates redundancy, reduces the potential for error and maintains data integrity.

eTimeMachine Time and Expense reporting features available via web, mobile and e-mail.

The eTimeMachine timesheet has several standard and configurable business rules in place to better align with the companies’ existing processes and minimizes the need for customization. Reported time and expenses can be tracked for multiple categories, such as expense categories and lieu time categories, to be further used in Payroll calculation and reporting.

eTimeMachine Employee Workspace Highlights

  • Customizable, personalized, transaction based, auditable
  • Consolidated - activities come from MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Help Desk and other systems
  • Configurable Business Rules to accommodate most elaborate validation scenarios

  • žFlex time and fatigue time features
  • žTime populated from group and crew assignments
  • žTimesheets generation by project / organization / customer
  • Attendance-automatic (based on employee log in/out when applicable) or by integration with swipe-cards
  • žIntegrated with MS Project, Oracle Primavera, MS Outlook, BMC Remedy, ERP systems
  • Non-project functionality and processes: absence (sick, vacation), banked time, overtime
  • Available via web, mobile, e-mail


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